Would you like to...

  • increase boudoir photo inquiries
  • convert more inquiries into bookings
  • build a large email marketing list
Hey there,

Molly Marie here, and I'm curious...

...would you be happy if you saw a significant
increase in your boudoir photography inquiries, bookings,
and were able to get lots of interested customers on your email newsletter list?

What about if you were able to
do all of these things while keeping your boudoir marketing
separate from the other types of photography
that you offer?

If you agree that this would rock, keep reading because I'm going to share with you how I did these things in my business over the last year, and how you can too.

...but it wasn't always like that for me, I started my photography business 8 years ago with a measly .81 cents in my bank account (and plenty of student loan and credit card debt to boot).

So what changed? How did I finally do it?

Well I began to realize that...

It's not about hoping visitors fill out your contact form. It's about strategically guiding them...

and leaving them wanting more so they want to book with you asap.

Potential customers and browsers of your website need to be guided through the experience of checking out what you have to offer, and not just left to wander aimlessly.

Here's a perfect example...

A couple weeks of ago I was shopping in the mall with my mom when I saw this amazing store I'd never seen before. When I entered the store the clerk told me to let her know if I needed anything and then walked away.

She left me to browse the store on my own and you know what ended up happening? I wandered around, checked prices on a few things, and thought to myself how if it's this expensive I'll just check this store out online later.

Before I was about to exit the store though I overheard some other customers in the store talking about this amazing sale. I thought it was weird that the sales clerk hadn't mentioned the sale to me, and there were no sale signs.

Had the clerk told me about the sale, showed me around, and asked me to open a fitting room, I bet you anything I would have bought something that day!

You see if you leave your potential boudoir photography customers to wander with no guidance, (just like I was in that clothing store) they're not going to know what to do and they're going to start making assumptions such as...

"I need to lose weight first," "I don't have anything to wear..."

...and one of the most common objections I used to get, "I can't afford this."

It's objections like these that changed my process.

I now have it set up that visitors to my website are sent my Dream Shoot Planner digital info magazine in exchange for them signing up for my newsletter.
I ask visitors to do this on my website home page,

and also at the bottom of all my blog posts, and a few other places on my website. That way no matter where they enter from, they have one call to action.

It's super important that the second they enter your website, they know exactly what to do next. This is the call to action you'll want them to take instead of sending them to your
contact page.

By collecting their email address you're able to automatically send them your customized version of the  Dream Shoot Planner info magazine...

...which uses my guidance method of turning leads into boudoir bookings.

But unlike other info magazines, it's not just for already booked clients...

...it's for anyone who visits your website.

Dream Shoot Planner magazine educates them
about you, your experience, answers their common objections, shows past clients testimonials, outlines how they can afford this experience, and why they need to book with you right now.

In addition you'll be building your email newsletter list by getting their email address in exchange for your Dream Shoot Planner.

(oh and it's called Dream Shoot Planner because it's going to help them plan their dream shoot)
Since offering the Dream Shoot Planner in exchange for their email addresses on my website I've converted way more visitors to booked boudoir clients.

Not to mention now I have an email newsletter list I can market to over and over again, when I want, and how I want (unlike social media).

So you might be thinking to yourself, well I don't have any experience with creating a client info magazine, I don't know the first thing about building an email newsletter list, nor do I have 8 years experience in photography to know exactly what should all be included...

...but I have awesome news for you!

I've made my Dream Shoot Planner 34-page info magazine into a quick to edit template so you can customize it for your business and start moving visitors from browsing to booking with you as soon as today!

In addition I've included a bonus ebook that will show you exactly how to set up  your email newsletter list, and how to have it auto send them your own Dream Shoot Planner.

(and even if you don't want to learn this, or don't have time, I also show you how to hire somebody for super cheap to do it for you)

Dream Shoot Planner will do all the work in guiding your visitors from browsing to booking, for you. With just minutes to customize pictures and some text you can have:

  • a newsletter building freebie (to build you a huge customer base)
  • a high converting booking tool
  • start to finish 34-page boudoir info magazine (guides from browsing to booking)
...and check out these testimonials from happy Boudie Shorts peeps...
Here's what's all included:

  • 34 easy to edit photoshop template pages so you can customize your own dream shoot planner

  • Sample of Molly Marie's finished Dream Shoot Planner PDF

  • Video tutorials on how to edit the template pages

  • Video tutorial on how to export template pages as a PDF

  • Bonus ebook covering how to use DSP to build your email newsletter and how to set up a newsletter step-by-step

  • How to market boudoir separately so it's not interlaced with your other photography (babies, teens, etc.) offerings...

Click "Download Now" to download the Dream
Shoot Planner and Bonus E-book for only $149.50

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q) What if I don't have much experience with photoshop and I've never used a template before?
Dream Shoot Planner comes with tutorials showing my computer screen so you can see exactly step-by-step how to customize it.

Q) Does the text that Molly Marie wrote in Dream Shoot Planner come with the template, and am I able to use it?
Yes, however you will have to edit some of it to customize it to your business. That said the text was written with 8 years of owning a photo business experience, and using my Fluid Customer Method for turning browsers into booked clients.

Q) How is this different from a welcome packet or pricing guide?
Dream Shoot Planner is a 34-page guide that covers everything from educating your clients on who you are, why they should book with you, how you retouch, the experience shooting with you, how they don't need to worry about a thing, how they can afford you, and why they need to book with you now. Although there is a spot to put your price list, that's just a fraction of what the Dream Shoot Planner has to offer.

Q) Will Dream Shoot Planner work with Photoshop Elements?
Yes! Some templates don't work with Photoshop Elements because they house the separate layers in "folder." We've made sure not to do this so that the template will work with all levels of photoshop.

Q) I've been wanting to get started in boudoir is this for me?
If you already have some boudoir photos to showcase, then absolutely! If you don't have any boudoir photos to show yet, as you'll need some to put into the template, I'd suggest you start with my boudoir "Model Call Ebook" to get paid while you're portfolio building. Then once you have boudoir photos Dream Shoot Planner would be your next best step.

Q) How can I use DSP to market boudoir separate from my other photography offerings?
Great question and simple answer! In the bonus ebook that comes with the Dream Shoot Planner I show you how to create a separate page, called a "landing page," to host this offer on, and how you can put boudoir interested customers into a separate email newsletter so you're not promoting newborns to boudoir browsers, etc. By hosting on a separate page, instead of say your homepage, you'll be able to send boudoir specific interest without marketing to your other clients (babies, teens, etc.)

But here's the thing:

You'll want to get Dream Shoot Planner today so that you can get the early bird price and bonus ebook.

In just a couple days the price will increase by at least $50. (and after that the bonuses will go away as well)

Are you willing to invest minutes of your day in order to give yourself more clients, make more money, and make converting visitors into boudoir bookings easier?

I want those things for you!

But you have to want them too.

If you're ready, take the first step and download the Dream Shoot Planner.

Click "Download Now" to download the Dream
Shoot Planner and Bonus Ebook for only $149.50

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